• Dvora Swartzberg
    Personal details
    Date of birth: 19.06.56
    Family status: Married + 5
    Address: 22 Lochamei Hageto St. Petah-Tikva
    Tel.: 03-9225625   
    Cell.: 052-7577070
    Email: dvora.swartzberg@gmail.com 
    Web site: www.dvorasart.co.il
    Facebook: https://www.Dvoraswartzberg. facebook.com
    Positions held:
    2012-2015: Research Associate - projects management in Prof. Shimon Gepstein's laboratory, Faculty of Biology, The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
    1997-2011: Research Laboratory Manager, laboratory of Dr. David Granot, Institute of Plant Science, Dept. of  Vegetable  Research,  Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani  Center, Bet Dagan. Trained and supervised M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the lab research systems. Conducted independent research, and cooperative research with various laboratories
    1977-1997: Research Laboratory Manager, laboratory of Prof. Izhar Shamai, Department of Genetic Research, Institute of Plant Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan. Job description as above.
    1987-1991: Teaching assistant, Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University. Course: tissue culture and genetic engineering. Ran exercise and student lab sessions.
    Formal education
    2004-2008: Ph.D. in plant molecular biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University. Supervisors: Dr. David Granot and Prof. Rafi Perl-Treves. Thesis title: Influence of IPT and AtHXK1 genes on senescence of tomato plants. (The research was carried out at the Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan.)
    1987-1990: M.Sc., magna cum laude, in Botany, Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University. Supervisors: Prof. Izhar Samay and Prof. Bezalel Kessler. Thesis title: Induction of resistance to Verticillium wilt in Solanum by in-vitro techniques.
    1974-1977: B.Sc. in Advanced Microbiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University
    Art painting: Autodidact, Independent self-studies learned to draw private courses all her life. Most of her works are oil on canvas.
    22.6-30.7.15: Group Exhibition "I'm an Israeli" Eshkol Pais, Petah-Tikva
    3.5.15-30.5.15: Group Exhibition " Habima theater for artists" Habima Theatre,
    Tel Aviv.
    17.1.15-3.3.15: Group Exhibition " The sea as a mood" Gallery Bluebird, Petah Tikva
    23.12.14-15.1.14: Group Exhibition "drawers" Bluebird Gallery Petah Tikva
    26.10-31.12.14: Group exhibition "Bible Art" Eshkol Pais Petah Tikva.
    25.10-29.11.14: Group exhibition "favorite piece" in the Hall of Culture Petah Tikva.
    17.6-13.7.2014: Exhibition of new members, Bluebird Gallery Petah Tikva.
    28.5.2014: Drawing contest "Moments of Happiness" The Recanati Lions Israel.
    14.3-4.4.2013: Single - mini exhibition Castra Gallery, Castra Arts Center, Haifa. 2012: Solo exhibition Culture and leisure complex in the Gola, Petah Tikva.
    2011: Group exhibition " Hadara Gallery" Sagy Hadara Gallery, Ramat Gan
    2000-2010: Participation in exhibitions at work and in the workplace - the Volcani Center in Bet Dagan.
    1973 -1995 : Every year participation in municipal departments of the municipality and exhibitions in Petah Tikva art Museum.
    Magazine: "CAN" Israeli art Magazine, Issue No. 27 June 2013
    19.09.12:  - web. Site "Srogim"wrote "The Art of the World Union", By Benaiah Haviv .
    Homeless- web. Site- In Artist Village site.
    01.10.14-30.10.14   - "Artist of the Month" organized by Petah Tikva Artists Association, October 2014
     Memberships in associations:
     Petah Tikva Artists Association.
     Subscribes to the magazine "CAN" Israeli art Magazine.
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